Joe White, Old Boys Training.

“People will be able to join me on parts of my challenge and any support you can give me will be really appreciated”

Jo White

Why 365 days of action

I was aiming to raise Β£365,000 in 365 days. On 1st May 2020 I embarked on the following journey as listed below, on what many have called my β€œ365 Days Of Action” to raise awareness of cancer and to show others that you should never give up. In the process I want to raise money for the following charities close to my heart Cancer Research, Combat Stress and Mountain Rescue who have helped myself and others along our journeys in life. Find out about my latest challenge.

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My plan for the challenge

  1. Cover a distance of 9679km walking or running. This equates to an average of 22km per day.
  2. Climb a total of 50,000m in elevation. This equates to 137m per day.
  3. This will be done by climbing or scrambling the 100 Best and Biggest Scrambles In the UK
  4. Climbing Kilimanjaro 5895m
  5. Climbing Elbrus 5642m
  6. Climbing Mont Blanc 4810m
Joe and dog 'Groot'

After 365 days of action

  • Covered a distance of 9679km. An average of 26km per day βœ…
  • Climbed a total of 138,807m. Climbing an average of 380m per day βœ…
  • Mt BLANC (4809m). Thats Kiwi hill 95 times βœ…
  • Mt ELBRUS (5642m) Kiwi hill 112 times βœ…
  • KILIMANJARO (5895m) Kiwi hill 117 times βœ…
Cancer Research logo

Cancer Research carry out great work and as a result I am still alive today. I have been given the opportunity to live a few more days. This has given me the chance to help others with their fitness and training for a period longer period of time. Without their contribution to the treatment of Cancer in the UK this would not have been possible.

Mountain Rescue logo

I live for the mountains. Mountain Rescue provide me with a playground to make the most of the beautiful and stunning scenery in the UK. Without Mountain Rescue I would not be able to safely take advantage of the terrain that we have on these islands. The work they do is unfounded and run by volunteers. At the drop of a hat they give up their timefrom work and family to jump in car to save lives.

Combat Stress logo

The work Combat Stress does for veterans and their families is unprecedented. Dealing with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Having worked closely with servicemen and women directly after injury, I understand the impact mental health issues have on these people and their families before they can rebuild their lives after action in war zones.